Nekro Ash10 Bicycle

Nekro Ash10

Product Description
Nekro Ash10 bicycle is a product of popular brand Nekro. Product price of Nekro Ash10 bicycle may revised by the seller anytime without prior notice. Nekro Ash10 bicycle is suitable for Bangladeshi roads and weather. To get Nekro Ash10 bicycle please call to your nearest bicycle shop. Click here

FRAME: ALLOY 6061 17.5
TYRE: KENDA K885 26X2.10
Price Tk 15000.00
Price last updated on: 2013-09-25 (Real price may vary)
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Above mentioned information is not 100% accurate. There is always having a chance to make a mistake to adding information. Generally we collect information from manufacturer website and other reputed sources. Please inform us if you have found any mistake or wrong information.

Due to continuous innovation & improvements, Specification is subject to change without notice. Accessories shown in the picture may or may not be a part of the standard equipment with the bike. Model available in Multi Speed also.

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Bangshal e ki ai cycle paoa jabe?
01 December 2013, Night 8:12
19 December 2013, Afternoon 4:32

nekro ash 10 ki disk break ala ase
price kto
03 February 2014, Night 11:26
NEKRO ASH 10 {Red} ami chalay. besh valo cycle. break o valo. speed o onk valo.
Shikder Rahat Rayhan
13 June 2014, Night 9:33
Ai cycle er original price koto?????
17 August 2014, Midnight 03:17
ami kinta sai
15 September 2014, Night 10:24
Nekro ash 10 valo na veloce legion 30 valo.
abu saif
23 September 2014, Afternoon 12:34
I think nekro ash 10 beshi valo......
19 February 2015, Midnight 03:56
aita ki body mane ki alumnium naki loha or ai cycle koto inchi
tanvir ahmed
03 March 2015, Midnight 02:36
by nekro ash10 ar fork ta koto m.m bolben pls
excited omar
06 July 2015, Afternoon 3:36
vai nakro ash 40 ke 15000 taka deban
24 October 2015, Afternoon 2:55
27 October 2015, Midnight 01:16
আমি এইটা কিনতে চাচ্ছি।কেমন হবে?যারা চালান সার্ভিস কেমন?জানালে উপকৃত হব।
19 November 2015, Midnight 04:16
Ai cycle er market price koto
17 April 2016, Afternoon 3:45
vaii...cycle tahhh joss
14 May 2016, Afternoon 5:52
Ai cycle ar market price cycle kamon servear diba..karo jana takla bolbon please...
16 August 2016, Afternoon 5:19
ami ai cycle ta kinte chai.....
Eta ki home delivary te ana jabe?
Roman Ahsan Rabby
29 December 2016, Midnight 01:00
Eitar current price ta koto
28 April 2017, Midnight 01:40
Ajke cycle ta kinlam. Darun cycle. Speed, brake, gear shob milaya osthir. Bortomane ei cycle out of stock. Dhakay etar stock sesh. Amar ta last one chilo. Ekhon eta ar available na.
Tawfiqur Rahman
28 July 2017, Midnight 03:21
আমি এই সাইকেলটা কিন্তে চাই এর দাম কত।
MD.Rifat ahamed
09 December 2017, Afternoon 3:15

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