Phoenix 1800 Bicycle

Phoenix 1800

Product Description
Phoenix 1800 bicycle is a product of popular brand Phoenix. Product price of Phoenix 1800 bicycle may revised by the seller anytime without prior notice. Phoenix 1800 bicycle is suitable for Bangladeshi roads and weather. To get Phoenix 1800 bicycle please call to your nearest bicycle shop. Click here

Frame: 6061 alloy, 17.5"
ForK: SR Suntour XCM (100mm, HLO)
F/D: Shimano TX50
R/D: Shimano Acera M360, 8 speed
Shifter: Shimano EF51 (8 speed)
Cassette: Shimano HG20-8
Crank: SR Suntour XCT-9s
Bottom Braket: Neco
Hub: Joytec
Tyre: Kenda k1153 26"X1.95"
Pedal: Wellgo
Brake: Bengal Mechanical Disk Brake
Saddle : Stock
Handlebar, Steam & seatpost by Zoom
Color: Black, Gray
Price Tk 18500.00
Price last updated on: 2014-09-18 (Real price may vary)
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Above mentioned information is not 100% accurate. There is always having a chance to make a mistake to adding information. Generally we collect information from manufacturer website and other reputed sources. Please inform us if you have found any mistake or wrong information.

Due to continuous innovation & improvements, Specification is subject to change without notice. Accessories shown in the picture may or may not be a part of the standard equipment with the bike. Model available in Multi Speed also.

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vai studentder jonno kono kistir bebosta ney? call dia janan plz 01843353519
09 October 2014, Night 8:03
vhai amra student...amara 4 bondhu 4 ta cykle kinbo taka somsha tai apnara kistir babostha koren........pls....
MD.Noyon khan
12 October 2014, Afternoon 3:45
Via i want to know that, "core 1.0" valo hoba naki "phoenix 1800"model valo hoba.. Plzz via ami cycle kinbo to tai,jante chaitesi..
Çj TaNim
19 November 2014, Night 9:32
আমি এটা কিনতে চাই আপনাদের কারো যদি এটা সম্পর্কে জানা থাকে তাহলে বলবেন please
মাহফুজ আহমেদ (facebook.কালের স্রােতে সেই আমি)
05 December 2014, Midnight 04:34
aita ank sindor akta bike...outlook onnder mogo nah hoileo corom....ami use amk moja paitasi chalaia.....brk tao valo..sob ce besi valo hoilo je aitar frok xcm dise...
Ridoy Qurishi
10 December 2014, Morning 07:39
I liked this model & I want to buy it. Phoenix 1800 model Ta khotai pabo pls give me the full address & mobile number. Thankx
19 December 2014, Night 10:57
ai cycle ta amar khub posondo hoysa ata ami kinta chai..ata ki khulna phoua jaba
07 September 2015, Night 11:04
a cycle tar ujan kato kg... Cycle tar body ki alluminium naki please amaka janan.... B.Baria ta ki pawa java
md.alamgir hossain
02 October 2015, Afternoon 1:48
এটা রাজশাহীতে কোথাই পাওয়া যাবে।???
আমি এটা কিনতে চাই।
" phoenix 1800 "
Abid hasan
29 October 2015, Midnight 02:20
bortoman price koto ekhn....??
Andy Blazo
01 December 2015, Evening 7:22
Ei cycle ki stunt er jonno bhalo hobe
27 January 2016, Midnight 05:05
Ei cycle ki stunt er jonno bhalo hobe
28 January 2016, Night 10:58
Ei cycle ki stunt er jonno bhalo hobe
28 January 2016, Night 11:18
ai cycle ki kinla valo hobe stunts ar jano naki kharap
07 March 2016, Evening 7:11
what is the current price of phoenix 1800?
how is the break system?
04 April 2016, Midnight 12:02
hello, ami hridoy,from chittagong, er age o ami cicle use korci,, but ekta somossa bojtechina onek cicyle E(shifter ee 21/27speed) deowa acee kinto phoenix 1800 te (shifter 8 speed) kno,, plz karo jodi jana takhe tahole help kore amk janan,,sms er taka pouche dibo(01834662284).....plz,16/4/2016 ei tarik cycle niye felbo.plz
09 April 2016, Night 9:55
I want to know that core 3:0 will be better than phoneix 1800 or not pls tell....
01 June 2016, Night 10:46
ami phoenix 1800 kinte ci.ata ki khulnay paoa jaba?khulnar kothay paoa jabe amake aktu bolben plz.atar waight koto&bortoman price koto?
08 June 2016, Midnight 05:26
vai phonix paikary rate koto...amr akta cycle r dokan asa koto kra rate porba
09 August 2016, Night 11:25
সাইকেল টা কি ঝিনাইদহে পাওয়া যাবে?
abu nayeem
24 September 2016, Midnight 03:43
ami ai cycle ta kinte ci.... plz doya kore ki keo ater price bolben.... plz
MD:Salauddin Chowdhury
02 October 2016, Midnight 04:59
Phoenix এর সবচেয়ে ভাল সাইকেল কোন মডেল please জানাবেন ।
MD: Hridoy mahmud
13 November 2016, Evening 7:39
I like bysicle
20 November 2016, Night 9:12
ami aj phoenix 1700 nilam price 16500 taka
08 December 2016, Midnight 12:37
Phoenix 1700 naki Phownix 1800 ai 2ta model ar Vitore kon cycle ta Valo plzz kau bolban
Md.Mehedi Hasan
30 December 2016, Midnight 04:40
vai gear koto

22 January 2017, Night 8:32
ami 7000tk moddhe goat cycle chachhilam pal jabe ki?
23 January 2017, Morning 10:38
bhaiya amar ekta phoenix 1800 model_er bicycle amader jonno ektu price ta komano jai na....? jodi hoy taile please ei number_e ektu janayen....01994521573
jm.pavel hossain
17 February 2017, Night 11:28
hello,ami shovon .ami phoenix 1800 cycle kinte chai.kintu amar kache 18500taka nei.tai ai cycle kinte partecina .ami narayangonj ee thaki.ami akjon student.APNARA jodi amake kistite ai cycle ti kinte den tahole amar upokar aktu damta kom rakhle valo hoito....[APNADER MOTAMOT JANATE AMAR E>MAIL ADDRES EE MESSEGE PATHATE PAREN]..THANK"S
26 April 2017, Afternoon 4:43
আমি এই সাইকেল টা সিরাজগন্জে কোথায় পাবো plese জানাবেন
MD sakib hasan
30 May 2017, Evening 7:53
acca vaiya dinajpur a ke ata pata now phoenix 1800 price koto??
kabit Roy
11 June 2017, Midnight 05:02
Vai ai cycle ta ato valo ja na bole thaka jay na..,.......wonderful
15 August 2017, Night 8:15
Vai 10/04/2018 e ami Phoenix 1800 /1900
Kinte chi but ame jne na j konta vhalo hobe r ey1800/1900 cycle dea ki stand kra jbe
1800&1900 Phoenix cycle er black colour ki bongshal pawa jbe
Pls amak ekto janaben
27 March 2018, Evening 6:19
Pls janabn amak
27 March 2018, Evening 6:21

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