Bicycle News

  • Bangladesh ranked Third in exporting Bicycle in Europe
    Almost 11% of bicycles are been exporting from Bangladesh in the European countries. Taiwan is first in the rank who exporting about 24% bicycles next is Combodia and its percentage is 18% and then is Philippines whose number of percentage is 10%. so this clear that Bangladesh is ranked Third among the Bicycle exporting countries in the European countries. Bangladeshi bicycles are exporting in UK, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Australia and Portugal as well. ... [more]
  • Get ready for the winter
    A cyclist always love to perform their long ride in the time of winter but most of the time they face trouble due to cold disease only for unawareness. Same time it is good to say that, there is nothing serious unawareness by which they got themselves in trouble rather they can save themselves easily if they follow this article on the topic “how a cyclist should make a safe journey in the winter” Dress yourself according to the temperature As you can feel the smell of winter in the air, ... [more]
  • Trek 6300 Bicycle Price and Reviews
    When you are interested deeply with the bicycle then you should heard or seen this bicycle. A cyclist have to keep there focus all around the cycle market and this for the shake of a better performance in all the way. Trek 6300 Bicycle is well known because it is not a new bicycle in the market as well as many of the cyclists are well known with this. The important part of this bicycle is, its demand is not decreasing in the market for its classic look and performance. When you are looking f ... [more]
  • Foxter 3 Bicycle Price and Review
    All the cyclists (both professional and amateur) have an extra attention in this bicycle for its special ability and gorgeous outlook. You cannot take your eyes back from this bicycle when you are looking for a bicycle which is handsome as well as excellent in performance. Basically, a buyer of bicycle is always checks out the overall performance of the bicycle and matches it with self whether it is fit for him or not. Same time, you have to think about the condition of your local road on the li ... [more]
  • How To Maintain Body Fitness For Professional Cycling
    Fitness is the most valuable term for the cyclist in the all over the world, but it becomes hard to maintain and there are so many reasons behind this problem. You can see the cyclist around you who are thinking about to be professional but at last they cannot be successful due to inhabited leading of habit. So the question is what way a cyclist can maintain a fit and proper life style with excellent body fitness as well as a perfect professional cyclist? You can easily imagine the causes b ... [more]
  • How to stay fit as a professional cyclist
    Fitness is a valuable term for the cyclist who thinking to be professional. You are not going to believe the information that, most of the cyclist often fall in serious injury that cause a long time brake in their practice. That’s also cause a cyclist to missed important events. So, it is very much important to stay fit, when you are imaging yourself a professional cyclist. What may be the cause behind the injury or sickness of the cyclist? Let’s take a look on the reasons that will help y ... [more]
  • Kellys Cobe Turquoise Bicycle Price and Review
    As you can see through the headline, this bicycle is one of the most demanded among cyclist/professional cyclist all over the world. Kellys Cobe Turquoise Bicycle has a get up, outlook and performance by which we can call it an all-rounder. There is hardly anyone we found who makes any complain about this bicycle rather most of the user using it with comfortable feelings and praising it so high. Kellys is a Germen brand, all the product from the Germany made with the quality, so you can stay t ... [more]
  • Safeway SW161 Bicycle Price, Review and Specification
    There is common sentiment among the cyclist or the new rider always looking for the latest and quality bicycle in the market. Safeway is overall new brand in the Bangladeshi market at the same time, it got a huge response from the customers. You cannot make your decision when you are making a plan of purchasing a bicycle until you don’t have the minimum idea about the product and this happens in all the marketing purpose and in the entire product you are going top use. That’s why review ca ... [more]
  • Safeway SW117 Bicycle Price and Review
    In the present market Safeway bicycle brand is one of the well known to among the professional and amateur cyclist. You don’t have to ask in the showrooms that which brand is new and among the new brand which one is selling most or eaten by the cyclist? Although, there are so many popular brands in the market which are not only popular as well as those brands are famous and very well known. When you are looking for the review, we are going to display right here but before we display/ment ... [more]
  • Phoenix 1100 Bicycle Price and Review
    Before we start to talk about the exact point of Phoenix 1100, let should make discuss about the brand Phoenix. If you ask a general person about the bicycle brand that he know, I can make you assure that the reply you get about the brand of Phoenix. Most of the people have known bicycle with the name of Phoenix as motor bikes known as Honda. This brand is one of the old and famous bicycle brand that any other bicycle hardly well known like this. This Phoenix bicycle has so many models in the ... [more]
  • Duranta Gladiator Bicycle Price and Review
    Duranta is one the popular name especially in the Asian country that no one need to heard this brand name more then one time to remember it. Same time, this bicycle performance we can say that it will make you happy, when you going use it for your regular use. So far we have the information about this bicycle, it is better to use in the starting of the training. Our reader can ask a question that why we are speaking about this bicycle in this way? Before we answer that question, we better ... [more]
  • Safeway SW330 Bicycle Price and Reviews
    When you looking at the name of this bicycle, its may look like a new name to you. As to say about this bicycle, this is almost new in the market with nice and attractive look. It is good say that, you cannot make your or your children’s childhood without the bicycle. At the same time, when you are looking for the bicycle for your children then it is your responsibility to search it on the market or in the online. You are lucky enough if you come here by searching this and you are most wel ... [more]
  • How to keep focus during the ride
    At first the imaginations you will get from this topic that hard work with the bicycle on the road and loose the focus. It may unknown to you that there are some different causes for loosing your concentration on the road. If you can overcome all this then your safety is almost guaranteed. Now the question is what kind of illusion or tiredness you may face in the road? You know, when you are pushing your paddles, it becomes hard to measure the limit tiredness and this way loosing your focus is v ... [more]
  • How to stay safe in the busy highway
    Very often time most of the cyclist ignore this matter with the cause of their skilled cycling ability. You believe it or not, this sentiment is responsible for maximum of the accident on the cyclist. You cannot avoid going on the road/highway while you are on the bicycle, but the main fact is, safety is the first thing you have to care about on the highway. Just keep in mind that, one accident can make you cry in your whole life. Even you can meet your doom of your life. So, we have some ge ... [more]
  • Why timing is necessary during the long ride
    No one can deny the enchantment and amusingness of the long ride by the bicycle. But the matter is, when should you go for a long ride with the bicycle? At the same time, you may ask a question about the timing, why timing is necessary for this matter? There is some matter behind this topic. You know you cannot even think about a long journey by bicycle when the time is hot summer unless it becomes night. Same way there is no time for the ride when you are passing your time on the winter. Hen ... [more]
  • Why you should prefer Bicycle at first as a personal vehicle
    This question is now at a sense million dollar question, some people ignore to ride bicycle with a common sentiment that it is not for all categories people or Bicycle is for the lower class of people. You are going to believe me or not this proud sentiment is enough to cost you so much and the most horrible matter is, you may meet your doom for this kind of idea on the bicycle. Now the matter is why we are talking in this way about the bicycle? You know, maximum childhood passed with the bicy ... [more]
  • How to make a comfortable long Ride with Bicycle
    It is good tell about the long ride with bicycle, because you cannot stop yourself when you have a class bicycle in your home and the season is winter. After all, winter is the season of the bicycle that no one can deny. But the point of view is what way you can make your long ride comfortable? The common answer of this question going to be, lot of energy will help to make this. You know, the energy is not the only thing that can make your journey comfortable. Specially, when you are in the ho ... [more]
  • Run the Bicycle Save your Money
    From the invention of the wheels and still now bicycle is popular in the same way as it were. For this reason, we sometime mention the bicycle as a classic vehicle. There are hardly any adult people who don’t use the bicycle as a childhood ride; rather maximum person has a wonderful memory with the bicycle. Still now when we look at the road, it is very easy to find that the major users of the bicycle are. When the question is about the saving money, then you must want to know from me that wh ... [more]
  • Veloce Legion 10 Bicycle Price and Review
    Among the world class brands of bicycle, Veloce is very much well known to the cyclist as well as the professional cyclist. There are a lot of users of this bicycle around us and when the time is winter, it’s like season of the bicycle. It becomes hard to stop with bicycle, when the weather is going extreme cold and you are not willing to go out by foot or with motorbike. While we are talking about the winter, it is good to say that winter is the favorite time for the cyclist for the profe ... [more]
  • Phoenix 1500 Bicycle Price and Review
    When the matter or discussion start about the bicycle, the first and the well known name will come about the bicycle is the Phoenix. Specially, in the Indian sub continent Phoenix or china Phoenix is mostly known as a bicycle brand, even the name is so popular that, any one want to purchase a bicycle then he must purchase China Phoenix. Well these were the information about the brand Phoenix, now let’s come to the point about the Phoenix 1500 Bicycle. This part of the article is about the ... [more]
  • Python MTB Bicycle Price and Review
    A good name speaks a lot, it is old saying but when you are talking about the Python MTB Bicycle, then this brand has the entire category in their list that a customer need. It is hard to see any childhood that have no memory with the bicycle wherever you are, at the same time, this is the only media of transport that ensure a safe ride on the road unless the traffic is gone out of control. As our main topics is about the Review of Python MTB Bicycle, we want to make sure to our visitor that ... [more]
  • Raleigh Motomax Bicycle Price and Review
    Among the cyclist all over the world Raleigh is an aristocratic name. There are hardly any person to find who don’t know the name of this Bicycle, same time who keep at least idea about the cycle. This bicycle is mostly popular in the new rider of the bicycle. That’s why this bicycle has a great demand in all the market of bicycle. When the question comes about the review, we have made our connection with more then one user of this bicycle to know about the performance of this bicycle. Y ... [more]
  • Veloce Legacy Bicycle Price and Review
    There are hardly any cyclists in the world to find who don’t know the name of this brand Veloce. It is very common in the professional cyclist as well as the amateur cyclist. The important matter of this bicycle is its performance is very much interesting among the cyclist of the world. At the same time, this brand has so many models in the market with different price that allow the customer to choose their bike according to their budget. But the quality is maintained very strongly with the ... [more]
  • Laux Combat 2.0 Bicycle Price and Review
    It is feel good to introduce a bicycle to our visitor which has a great demand in the market all over the year. Laux Combat is a well known brand among the cyclist all over the world, at the same time; this bicycle has a good reputation for its excellent performance. The most amazing matter about this bicycle is, it is well featured in a very much handy price. Now the matter is come about the review of Laux Combat 2.0. For the advancement of visitors it is to tell that, the intention of shar ... [more]
  • Hero Ranger Max Bicycle Price and Review
    There are lots of people who use bicycle for the general purpose in their daily activities, where maximum bicycle in our site in a condition of highly featured but this bicycle Hero Ranger Max is very simple for the common use. The matter behind these words, when you purchase an over featured bicycle then you may use it for the multi-purpose and there is chance of damage early in your bicycle if you are not adjusted perfectly with your bicycle. When you are using Hero Ranger Max then you can ... [more]
  • Camp XC600 Bicycle Review and Price
    There are lots of brands in all over the world and most of them are very merely known to us. Camp is one of those well known brand among cyclist all over the world. This bicycle is known for its excellent features and outstanding performance. This bicycle is specialist we can say because the performance of this bicycle is something like it is the racing bicycle. We cannot say that this bicycle is suitable for all. If you are not a perfect cyclist then you should purchase this bicycle. All th ... [more]
  • Core Project 2.0 Bicycle Price and Review

    It is a popular bicycle from the famous brand Core, one of the most well known brands in among the bicycle lover all over the world. This bicycle is mostly well known for its excellent performance wherever you are. Core Project 2.0 Bicycle can make the demand fill up any of the cyclist. You don't have to think about the outlook whether it match to you or not. Just keep in mind, cycling just a matter of energy; if yo ... [more]

  • Veloce Legion 10 Bicycle Price and Review

    It cannot be deny that bicycle is the most ridded vehicle in the whole world's children and also for the adult people in their childhood. Actually, still it is a famous vehicle for all class of people for its safe riding capability and the reasonable price. Bicycle also has a seasonal effect; winter is called the season of bicycle. Although, professional cyclists never follow any season rather the whole year, day and night is time for practice.

    On the matter of Veloce Legion 1 ... [more]

  • Push the paddles Instead of walking
    Most of the people believe that walking is the best for make a fit body. Yes their knowledge is right from the root sense but when you have a bicycle then you should use it as an exercise equipment whether it is morning or any time else. There is a noticeable question on this point, why we are talking about the cycle instead of walking. There is a big fact on this matter, you know the walking, of-course it is an ancient way to refresh you mind and body, but everyday it can make you bore. Henc ... [more]
  • Start your morning with the Bicycle to make yourself fit
    This sentence may look like something odd to our visitor why because maximum of our visitor/reader are involve with the habit of morning walk. For them cycling in the morning is going to be a totally new something like exercise. There is nothing to say about the exercise through the bicycle, you know, you can make a very good perform when you thinking about the regular exercise with the bicycle. You just have to change your mind with it. One question may round in your mind that is it possibl ... [more]
  • Bicycle as a classic vehicle
    Some people often think that riding bicycle is not so honorable for the high class society; this is very much unfortunate for those person(s) because they don’t know about the bicycle that, it is one of the vehicles that we can say a classic vehicle. Before we go in the deep of the topics let’s make a discussion on the matter of the word classic. We can say those thing classic which had the popularity in the past, still now it has the same or almost the same popularity and at the same ti ... [more]
  • Why winter is the season of Cycling
    A cyclist cannot think to go on the road if the weather is not suitable for it. You know the reason; it is a matter of huge energy. There is no need to say about the extreme weather, most of the cyclists mark the hot as the extreme weather for the cycling. This is not the main reason to for calling the winter as the season of the cycling. In what purpose we are speaking the way about the winter and the cycling? Winter is coming very soon and the demand of bicycle is increasing in a large number ... [more]
  • Bicycle: As an entertaining media in winter
    As to say about the bicycle, we don’t that it needs to introduce to our visitor. At the same time, this is one of the most well-known road transport media in all over the world. This vehicle has a seasonal impact, it’s cannot be deny that winter is the best time for the cycling. If anyone asks me that, in what way I’m uttering the sentence ‘winter is the best time for the cycling?’ it is very normal to all about the cycling, that it takes a huge energy when the cyclist go out with his/ ... [more]
  • Preparation of long ride with Bicycle
    One of the most interesting part for a bicycle owner is, the long ride with it. But maximum of the bicycle owner make a mistake when they go out for the long ride. They don't take any preparation or at least the require materials that needed for the long ride/on the road. You cannot stop yourself for the long ride when you have cycle or you have team to perform long ride. You know, bicycle will make you fit and fresh from the cholesterol and extra calorie, so you should be afraid rather you shou ... [more]
  • Various uses of bicycle
    There is hardly any place in the world where bicycle is not going to be seen. This instrument has a great fame in the all over the world for its excellent riding techniques. Bicycle bears a lot of memory of the childhood in the maximum people's life. Most of the people who ride bike or car on the road in the adult age they learn it from the bicycle in the childhood how to control the balance. This article is on the topics of how the bicycle gives us more than traveling, you know children firs ... [more]
  • Safety tips for bicycle stunt
    Bicycle becomes the most favorite two wheels road transport media for the young generation as the most thrilling and adventures for them in the starting of the life. Most of people in the whole learn to control the vehicle (that could be any vehicle) from the bicycle. So, this vehicle bears a lot of memory in every person who ride it in the childhood. Maximum time maximum children try to make something crazy more than their limit, when they got the bicycle in their hand, they try it from the hea ... [more]
  • History of Bicycle
    From the starting of the wheels, bicycle is one of the creative invention in all the vehicle. The design of the bicycle gives the idea to make more big vehicle of the engine. The bicycle motivate human being to step forward to be civilized and see the world by own foot. Next time, this vehicle(bicycle) plays a very important roll to make easy of human journey. Lets see what is the turn over of bicycle in the history. according to the history of bicycle, it was build only by the frame. Here it is ... [more]
  • Bicycle long ride tips
    As to say about the Bicycle, this is one of the world wide famous two wheels manual road transport media in the previous sense, in the recent time, bicycle has many uses including road transport, pleasure trip/ride, keep body fit/lose extra calorie and also for racing. Maximum people thought that bicycle only can be use for short distance. It is no need to say that, todays use of cycle. The reason behind its popularity is, Cycle has all the quality price range and easy to use for all class of pe ... [more]
  • How Bicycle keep your body fit?
    Whenever a person think about bicycle, normally he/she find the image of journey, tour or the making distance closer. Some educated person only knows that this can be use also for keep body fit. We all know, bicycle is one of the famous and well known slow/limited speed two wheels road transport media. It is not so important for its riding ability but bicycle is very much important for keep your body fit in our recommendation. You may think that, gymnasium is normally enough for a fit body, at t ... [more]
  • How to teach bicycle riding?
    Bicycle is the first human power riding vehicle to go forward for win the distance. Maximum of our reader's first ride vehicle is the bicycle. If we think it more widely, it will be hard to find out a person who don't know what the cycle is. At the same time bicycle is the most popular among the young generation for road transport media. As a guardian of the children, you should prevent them from learning, rather you better help them how to ride a bicycle. You know, bicycle is beginning of ridin ... [more]
  • Benefits of riding bicycle
    Bicycle is one of the famous two wheels road transport media of all time in all over the world. It has a different type of demand from all other road transport media, because of its own style structure and single riding capability. Bicycle is a good equipment for exercise also. By this any one can keep his/her body fit by riding this. When a rider push the paddle, enough calorie to keep a fit body have gone with it. This is very hard to describe the good part of bicycle in this way. You know, th ... [more]
  • How to repair bicycle by yourself
    As an internationally well known two wheeler road transport media, bicycle has a great demand all over the world. Although, maximum road transport media makes easy to ride on the road and saves the money. At the same time, Bicycle has a difference from the other road transport media. Anyone have a cycle, he/she have waste his/her calorie to ride the cycle. That means, it is not only a road transport media rather it can help you to reduce your body fat and reduce your weight. On this regard it ha ... [more]
  • Bicycle Decoration
    Bicycle is one of the most beloved vehicles for the maximum of its owners. As a favorite time passing and standard road transport vehicle instrument, many of us want to give it a new, better and different get up, that can snatches others eyes on it. A nice and good looking bicycle carries the aristocracy and good choice of its owner. It is good to say, bicycle is not only a standard road vehicle, but also a media to stay fit by pressing its paddle. The decoration of your bike should be on, w ... [more]
  • Bicycle safety riding tips for the kids
    Bicycle is the most amazing ride for the kids. Specially, when they started to learn new things in early of their age. Another important matter is, parents should not prevent them from learn or study those interests that they interested . Instead of preventing, parents should take some precaution to avoid some common danger. We know, balance is the most important matter to ride two wheels vehicle, which is started from the bicycle. So, for everyone it is equally important to know how to ride ... [more]
  • Bicycle riding tips for beginners
    Bicycle is a worldwide famous two wheels vehicle. There are very few or almost none of our world to find out who don't know what cycle is? At present, it is a matter of prestige in young generation to know, how to ride bicycle. If anyone doesn’t know then it can make him red by the shame. On the other hand, most of the people's first ride vehicle is bicycle. It is a matter of fact that, for those people who do not know how to ride bicycle then how he can ride a motor vehicle? This is the most ... [more]
  • A brief history of Bicycle stunting
    From the starting of wheels, bicycle is the most famous and well known two wheels vehicle of all time. There are hardly anyone in the whole world who don't know or don't ride the bicycle. If I ask someone that, which vehicle was rolled by him/her first time? It is very easy to believe that, answer will be Bicycle. From the childhood to young, the rural or the urban, every where it is equally known to all class of people. As our topic is stunting of bicycle. Primarily, it is all about adapta ... [more]
  • Basic safety when you on The Road with your Bicycle
    All over the world, bicycle is one of the most famous two wheels vehicles of all time. In the both, rural and urban area it is very well known to all class of people. Specially, it is mostly demanded by the juveniles and youth class of people. The reason of their demand is, the curiosity of balance when they riding it. Another reason is, their first rolled vehicle is the bicycle. Expert recommends some suggestion for riding bicycle, whether it is on road or in the off road. We urge to all the cy ... [more]
  • Important tips to cycling in winter
    This will be a very interesting imagination, when you thinking about cycling in the winter. All the cyclist of all over the world, are enjoyed most in the winter for cycling than other seasons. No other reason but to feel comfortable and durability during the cycling are the main cause for choosing the winter as favorite time. Cycling is the most valuable exercise for any person of any age, that’s why, everyone, wants to maintain their cycling in everyday routine. We suggest our readers some t ... [more]
  • Some basic tips for riding cycle in summer
    In according to the variation of environment, every cyclist are strongly suggested to maintain verity in their riding. We have lot of advantage and disadvantage by the change of our environment. It is a important fact to stay alert about the environment before you take journey in any extreme weather. As like in hot weather, cold weather, or any short of weather which is very much negative than normal weather. For our readers or visitors better perception we have some tips about Riding in the sum ... [more]
  • How to keep your unused Bicycle fit for a long time
    There is always a question left for the cyclist that, what they should do when they have to store their bike for a long time? On the other hand, how to preserve the bike when you do not need it or you don't have any time to use it, then what you should do to keep it safe? That's one of the most important questions for the entire cyclist. We have some effective answer and solution for our readers and also for the visitors. We hope these tips will help them a lot to keep safe their bike for a long ... [more]
  • Bicycle Safety Tips
    It is a very common matter of lost or mainly theft of bike. In everywhere, it becomes so easy for the thieves to stealing bike in blink of eye. It is really heartbroken for its owner when it happens. Every part of the world, two wheels bikes are a very popular target for the thieves. So, if you do not concern about the security of your bike, then you may have loose your bike, which is totally unwanted by anyone for ones bike. After all bikes is one of the favorite things for its owner. We have s ... [more]
  • Tips for buy your Bicycle
    There are so many questions or options when you going to buy a bicycle for your own. We all know that, the type of bikes verifies age, local area, economical condition, mentality and other social activities. On the other hand this will make you so much confuse when you decide to buy a bicycle. At present bicycle becomes one of the essential part of our life, why because it is a most common media for road transport. Specially, for the young people have a huge demand of it. No other reason but its ... [more]
  • Safety when you ride bicycle in the Rain
    Cycling becomes a hobby of all years of people now a day, it’s not only stays as a transport media, it is also a media of sort or long transport of some heavy energetic people. There is always a question left that, what kind of safety you when you riding in the critical weather? Even not in Bangladesh, all over the world, cycling is a very famous journey media. You have to always be prepared for any kind of weather crisis. Specially when you riding your bike in the rain. You will face many di ... [more]
  • Bicycle Maintenance Tips
    In the current situation of not only Bangladesh but the whole world. Bicycle is the most Eco friendly two wheels vehicle of this time. We all know that the environment is being polluted everyday by the smoke of the factories and also the huge number of vehicles of modern world. As a matter of fact, bicycle is one of those transport media who never ever cost pollution of environment. Beside this it the most popular for sort transport in the whole world. Bicycle becomes a hobby, especially for the ... [more]
  • Bicycle ride in the night
    It is a matter of fact that, there is some difference, we can say there is a huge difference when you are riding bicycle in the night instead of day. It's may be your hobby or any necessary cause you have to go out in the night with your bicycle. But there is nothing important than safety when you riding cycle in the night. Why because, night is without sun and the dark is the most horrible thing of road transport? Night is the most amazing time for cycling you believe it or not. Some people ... [more]
  • Bicycle shops in Bangladesh
    Nowadays bicycle is a essential part of life. This vehicle saves our time and keep our body fit. Otherwise there are many impotence of bicycle in our day today life. At present Bangladesh is one of the leading bicycle manufacturer in the world. In Bangladesh many companies manufacture bicycle very well like the other bicycle companies of the world. Demand of bicycles are increasing day by day, for these reason Bangladeshi companies are also exporting and importing different types of bicycles ... [more]
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Bicycle riding in Bangladesh
    Nowadays bicycle is one of the most popular vehicle across the whole world. In modern world, countries like china and japan uses this two wheel transport as their main vehicle. At present in Bangladesh, People of every ages are appreciating that, there are many beneficial side of bicycles. For this reason in Bangladesh popularity of bicycle is also increasing day by day. Some advantage and disadvantages of bicycle riding in terms of Bangladesh are given bellow. Advantages: 1.Bicyc ... [more]
  • Types of Bicycles
    Bicycle is the first two wheels transportation vehicle which is also very environment friendly. Bicycle was first introduced to the riders date back to the early 19th century. At 1817 the German architectures fist invented two wheels vehicle known as bicycle. Nowadays this bicycle is one of the most popular vehicles across the whole world. In modern world countries like china and japan uses this two wheel transport as their main vehicle. In Bangladesh popularity of bicycle is increasing day b ... [more]
  • Bicycle: An environment friendly vehicle
    In our country Dhaka city is most populated. For this reason a problem occurs known as traffic jam. When you go outside of your house like everyday you become disturbed. If you do not have your own vehicle you need to find rickshaw or taxi cab. If you have your vehicle you will also face this disturbance after starting your journey you will see a big line of cars and other transports because of traffic jam. But if you have a bicycle the situation can be different. You can get rid of this traffic ... [more]