Bicycle Reviews

  • Core Spike Bicycle user review by Firoz Haider
    Core Spike Bicycle user review by Firoz Haider
    I am familiar with the bicycle from the very early of my childhood as like others. Most of the days of my school and colleges, cycle was the key vehicle to transport on the road. When I finished my student life and entered to the job then I thought to have bike of heavy quality which going to only mine. As the cycle keep me free on the streets of Dhaka city same time, this one is going to make...

Bicycle News

  • Bicycle ride at night
    Bicycle ride at night
    It is a matter of fact that, there is some difference, we can say there is a huge difference when you are riding bicycle in the night instead of day. It's may be your hobby or any necessary cause you have to go out in the night with your bicycle. But there is nothing important than safety when you riding cycle in the night. Why because, night is without sun and the dark is the most horrible th...
  • Bicycle shops in Bangladesh
    Bicycle shops in Bangladesh
    Nowadays bicycle is a essential part of life. This vehicle saves our time and keep our body fit. Otherwise there are many impotence of bicycle in our day today life. At present Bangladesh is one of the leading bicycle manufacturer in the world. In Bangladesh many companies manufacture bicycle very well like the other bicycle companies of the world. Demand of bicycles are increasing day by ...
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Bicycle riding in Bangladesh
    Advantages and Disadvantages of Bicycle riding in Bangladesh
    Nowadays bicycle is one of the most popular vehicle across the whole world. In modern world, countries like china and japan uses this two wheel transport as their main vehicle. At present in Bangladesh, People of every ages are appreciating that, there are many beneficial side of bicycles. For this reason in Bangladesh popularity of bicycle is also increasing day by day. Some advantage an...

Bicycle Tips

  • Tips for buy your Bicycle
    Tips for buy your Bicycle
    There are so many questions or options when you going to buy a bicycle for your own. We all know that, the type of bikes verifies age, local area, economical condition, mentality and other social activities. On the other hand this will make you so much confuse when you decide to buy a bicycle. At present bicycle becomes one of the essential part of our life, why because it is a most common med...
  • Safety when you ride bicycle in the Rain
    Safety when you ride bicycle in the Rain
    Cycling becomes a hobby of all years of people now a day, it’s not only stays as a transport media, it is also a media of sort or long transport of some heavy energetic people. There is always a question left that, what kind of safety you when you riding in the critical weather? Even not in Bangladesh, all over the world, cycling is a very famous journey media. You have to always be prepa...