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Tips for buy your Bicycle

There are so many questions or options when you going to buy a bicycle for your own. We all know that, the type of bikes verifies age, local area, economical condition, mentality and other social activities. On the other hand this will make you so much confuse when you decide to buy a bicycle. At present bicycle becomes one of the essential part of our life, why because it is a most common media for road transport. Specially, for the young people have a huge demand of it. No other reason but its flexibility and speed variety by the power of its owner or rider that is the main reason behind its high demand.

First of all we have to know the types of the bikes. That means how many kinds of bike are available in our market. Basically our market available bikes are Road bike, Mountain bike, touring bike, Racing bike, Ladies bike. The main question is which one is best and preferable for you. This will depend on your some situation as like.

Your budget
This is the main fact when you going to choose your bike. Remember good bikes have good price. Not for being only good but also for its service. If you want to purchase a carbon fiber bike then you have to keep a high budget. Same for other bikes price. It depends on its durability and strength. Your choice should be on your budget.

Your local area
This is another huge fact. Because, if you purchase a racing bike and there is no room for racing. Then you can imagine what may happen to your personal image. People will treat you are not insane. You should be careful of this topic.

Your age
Age is things that make the difference of bikes design. You are adult then you can not ride baby bike or that bike that only suitable for children. Or a old man can not ride a racing bike.

It means in which you earn your livelihood. Profession can make change your choice. If you are not a professional bike rider then you must think as a ordinary rider. There are so many bikes available in market for the general bikers, or the road transport.

This is another thing. You can not choose ladies bike and for ladies hard to choose a boys bike. There is much difference between these two.

These were the some option that you should keep in mind before purchasing a bike. Now we have some questions and answers for you that may help you in the bike shop to make a deal.

Which brand is better for me?
We have a direct bitter answer of this question. Answer is no brand!! you just have to remember that you are not purchasing a Brand, you purchasing a bike that suit you most. So choose a bike that makes you comfortable in ride and also affordable in price.

Do I get any discount?
You may have. But bikes are like cars, in every year branding company make possible change in design. You may get some discount on last years design if you are lucky enough to get that chance. It will be the best if you do not think about the discount. Discounted product is not so good in overall quality. That’s why, we suggest you, do not think even about the discount. Other thing is when it is hot season, bike shop has a limited sale. In the time they used to make something deferent for attract the customers. Discount in price is one of them.

Can I make any change of price through words or debates?
Prices of bikes are been decided by the manufacturer. Including it\'s production cost, carrying cost, employee payment, distributors profit and other costs related with the every product. They are very much cordial for their customers. They do not want to make them harass by the bikes prices. Hence you do not all these system of marketing and the production cost is also unknown to you. So you can ask the dealer or the officer in the shop that, how much they can reduce the price for you. You have to remember that today’s all business is all gone to competition. They will not want to loose any customer. So you should not debate with them for the price.

Just one thing remember, more you thing the more you have questions. So you better make your decision with bike shops officer. They are very much cordial to help you.

Happy cycling.

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