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Hero Blaze Bicycle User Review by Md Mahi

I am Md. Mahi, currently studying in college. I need to travel to different places including college to study. But I have to face many difficulties due to not having any vehicle at hand. So I decided to buy a bike that would save my time as well as make traveling a lot more comfortable. A few days ago a friend of mine bought a mountain bike and I liked seeing that bike so I also decided to buy a mountain bike. Considering the price of all brands of bicycles in the market for a while, I think the price of Hero brand bicycles is a bit less so I buy Hero bicycles later. It is only a month I have been using this bike. Already I have found some good and bad sides. I want to highlight those among you.

First of all the good sides of this motorcycle are:

-This cycle is pretty comfortable and its control is more than up to the mark
-Both the wheels have disc break by which I can stay tension free whatever the situation of road or traffic
-Seating position is comfortable enough

And these are the negative sides:

-Gear shifting is very bad, the gear does not pick up properly and sometimes the wheel gets stuck with the spokes.

The demand of the Hero Cycles is high mostly among the students like us. Not only has the mountain bike Hero brand also supplied variety of cycles in the market. The main reason to choose this motorcycle is its attractive look and design. I really like the sticker and design of the bike. However, they could have done a little better build quality. Because I didn’t like the quality of the parts. After a few days of use, I have a problem with the pedals. The pedal becomes loose so I put on another new pedal. Also in a few days my rear wheel has become weak. There are different sounds during riding. However, the frame is quite tough for me. This was my short experience riding the Hero cycle. I hope everyone will benefit enough by reading my review.

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