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Phoenix Hurricane user review by Atik Sultan


I had purchased the Phoenix Hurricane Alloy around 1.5 months ago although I learned to riding bicycle from the very early of my childhood from my father. The main reason to purchase the cycle is to made the way easy of my school and to wondering in the holidays. Same time, there are lot more reason to purchase this one and the reasons are, this model attract me so nicely that I can't move my eyes from it, its body and parts are seems like pretty strong even this cycles price range is perfectly in my budget, by considering all these, I made my decision to have this one without any hesitation. I purchased this one from one of the well known showroom of Rajshahi and this showroom known with the name of “Tuli Enterprise” which is located in Ranibazar and my purchasing date is 6th of August.

My name is Atik Sultan, basically I am a student of Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute. Today I am here actually to serve all the information of my cycle “Phoenix Hurricane Alloy” in the light of my experience with this one of last 1.5 months.


As to say about the design of this cycle, I have to say that it is really on the matter of design which has two colors actually, one is Black and another is Blue. This cycles frame is decorated with the blue color design which makes this ones design more attractive.

When the question is about performance of my cycle? Then I have to say that its performance is really exciting why because, I was used with the same bike before this one but my current one is much more advance on the matter of performance then the previous one. Just after purchasing this cycle, I have ridden this one around 4 hours inside the city and the most interesting matter is, I hardly feel any tiredness even after riding the cycle for a long time.

My cycles suspensions are so nice that I hardly feel any discomfort even after riding this one on rough or muddy road condition. Same time, I can control the whole thing without any major negativity. These are all the reason I never feel any fear while riding my bike. I can paddle my cycle according to my wish.

My cycle has 7 gears that means I can pick up up to 7th speed. While I am riding the cycle, I often feel some discomfort to control this one due to the gear function only. When I switch to 3rd gear then I notice that my cycle is running on the 2nd gear but after a few times of continuous running, I notice that my cycle automatically switched to gear number 3rd then everything is just fine and ok.

When to talk about the breaking system, I have to say that this one has disc break in the both wheel and whole breaking system works excellently then expectation.

Good sides
As to say about the good sides of this cycle then at first I have to mention its attractive model, strong body structure, parts are very much strong, suspensions performance is over up to the mark and paddle is quite free as your expectation to move forward.


Negative sides
I often face some problem to adjust the gear function.

By considering all its features this one just shaken my heart so I want to advice you that if you think this cycle is in your budget then you can be serious about this one. Why because its performance never going to make you hopeless.

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