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Advantages and Disadvantages of Bicycle riding in Bangladesh


Nowadays bicycle is one of the most popular vehicle across the whole world. In modern world, countries like china and japan uses this two wheel transport as their main vehicle. At present in Bangladesh, People of every ages are appreciating that, there are many beneficial side of bicycles. For this reason in Bangladesh popularity of bicycle is also increasing day by day.

Some advantage and disadvantages of bicycle riding in terms of Bangladesh are given bellow.

1.Bicycle is one of the most Eco-friendly vehicles in our country. This vehicle does not bring any harmful aspects to our environment. Motorbikes, cars or any other fuel vehicles emerge carbon-Dy-oxide which is very harmful to our environment. In this side bicycle riding is better, for saving the environment.

2.Bicycle riding is very very important for health. In our day today life every people does not have enough time for take care of their health. But a regular bicyclist have this advantage. Without exercising a cyclist can keep his body fitness very well by cycling.

3.Bicycle is a vehicle which feet\'s in your budget. In our country the price general bicycles are about 3000 TK to 4000 TK only. These bicycles are comfortable enough for riding and to keep your body fit. Depending on your budget you can have different types of bicycles in reasonable price.. For purchasing other vehicles sometimes you have to increase your budget but purchasing a bicycle you do not have to do that.

4.For big size vehicles traffic jam occurs in our country. But bicycles does not need a big space for parking and rolling at the roads. So any one can move easily with a bicycle in the roads and reach their destination in time.

5.For maintain a bicycle you do not have to pay a big price. Maintaining cost of bicycles are so much cheaper then the other vehicles like motorbikes and cars. You do not have to take your bicycle at the workshop every day. You can maintain you bicycle very well by your own. For a better service, sometimes you have to take your bicycle to the mechanic but not often.

6.Bicycle is one of best vehicle with safety. By riding bicycle you can have a safe and smooth journey then the other vehicles. It is very much easier to control your balance and speed at bicycle. This vehicle does not need a big space for rolling in the street, for this you can control this vehicle by your own wish. If you want to ride with speed you can paddle faster and if you want to ride safe and sound you can also do that.

1.In our country bicycles are not comfortable for summer and rainy seasons. Because at summer season the terrible heat of the sun can not let you to have a comfortable riding. At rainy season when it rains cats and dogs you can not have a bicycle riding. Because at rainy season the roads become muddy and slippery for these reason you can not have control at your bicycle and accident may occur for this reason.

2.With bicycle it is very difficult for some one to maintain their status. Because bicycles are not alike as motorbikes and personal cars. Those people who belongs from a well cultured a high status family they can not cope up with their culture and maintain their status by riding bicycle.

3.Bicycle is one of the slowest vehicles. Generally with bicycle you can not have much speed you often need. Sometimes you need a speedy vehicle to do your important work but in that case this vehicle can not help you as you like. Because of less speed this vehicle will spear some of you important time.

4.bicycle are one of the tiny vehicles in the roads . For this reason it is to much difficult for you to maintain your balance and speed at the big size roads between massive size vehicles. Thats why riding bicycle is not very safe at highways if some one does not maintain their attention at the roads.

From the above information we can say that, bicycles are very comfortable vehicles but you have to give full attention during cycling or accident will occur.

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