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Core Spike Bicycle user review by Firoz Haider

I am familiar with the bicycle from the very early of my childhood as like others. Most of the days of my school and colleges, cycle was the key vehicle to transport on the road. When I finished my student life and entered to the job then I thought to have bike of heavy quality which going to only mine. As the cycle keep me free on the streets of Dhaka city same time, this one is going to make me physically fit. At the same time, I prefer bicycle whenever I wish to wondering outside of Dhaka city.

Well, my name is Firoz Haider and professionally I am an Engineer. Currently I am working in the well known “KDH Engineering Limited” as a General Manager. Today I am here to introduce my favorite partner “Core Spike” along with my experience with this one and I hope my experience will help a lot specially to those who are thinking to have a quality bicycle for personal use.


This is good to mention the fact at first that, although I was looking for a quality cycle for my personal ride but my Mother deliver this one as a gift of my birthday and she purchased this along with me from “Lion Cycle Store” which is one of the well know cycle store located in Dhanmondi. I have been using this one from the September of 2012 and it is already 6 years since I am using.

The reason to purchase this cycle is, Yellow is the color that I always liked most and this cycle mostly colored with Yellow. If you ask me some good sides of this cycle then I will mention its lite weight at the top by which I can pick up up to 40 kilometer per hour.

Same time, if you ask some negative parts of this bike then I am going to uphold its old system.

If you are thinking to purchase a quality cycle for your own then you better think about this one ignoring the new models of the market why because, this one is really exciting to move on on the road.

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