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Falcon Legend 900 user review by Kamrul Islam Khan Mumit

When I was a kid, I surprisingly notice the riding of my father and my uncle eventually, I learned to ride bicycle through the hands of the those persons same time, my dream to have bicycle came true with the same man but my father was the first person to teach me how to ride a bicycle. Although I was used to with the brand known as BMX which was without gear system and that is why, I always dream to have a cycle with gear. Yes, it was my father who make my first dream come true but my second dream come in front of me from my savings and through the help of my Mom.

My name is Kamrul Islam Khan (Mumit) currently I am a student of Rajshahi Govt. Madrasa in the class of 9. today I am here to introduce my bicycle Falcon Legend 900 in the light of my experience with this one along with both the good and bad sides of this cycle to serve you a clear image of this one.

I have purchased my cycle from the Rajshahi National Cycle Store on the date of 6th of February of 2018 and the main reason to purchase this one is to communicate in my school, private tutor, wondering and for necessary others reasons.


At first, I want to say about its design why because I liked its color, frame of my bike is pretty strong and nice to look at same time, this one is a cycle of 11 gears and this is one of the major reason to purchase this one even the tyres are wide enough, suspensions and breaking system is really charming. By considering its overall features, this model was a hot cake then and was new to the market so my eagerness to this one was really high then.

After purchasing my cycle, I am using it 7 months and 20 days and I have ridden this one 3 hours at the first day with excellent comfort. So far now I can't any problem to mention as major problem.

Because its suspensions are pretty nice and clear in performance and this is the reason I hardly feel any shake even on the roughest way that is why I feel exact comfort while seating over its seating position.

As because my cycle has wide tyre, excellent suspensions and good enough breaking system and having all these, this cycle is pretty comfortable to control whatever the situation is.


Breaking system
As to say about the breaking system, I have to say that its breaking system is just perfect one to have exact control over the cycle why because both the wheels has disc break and those performance is just up to the mark and this is the reason I never feel any hesitation on the matter of control while riding this one.

Good sides
It can be said that this cycles all the sides are fine enough to say this one as a perfect one and each of the part of this cycle works finely. Its breaking, suspension are nicely adjusted with the wide tyres by which there is a thin chance of skidding. Same time, this cycle has 11 gears which is clear sign of having a clear gear function.

Negative sides
Although this cycle rarely has any negative sides even then I found some negative parts of my cycle as like, whenever I pick up high speed in my cycle and pull the break then I sense skidding in the rear wheel same time, rear wheel often get a side due to high weight. I have to change the stand of my cycle once and the grip as well in the last of 4 months.

when I purchased this one then its price was 9800/- BDT.

By considering all its good and bad sides, Falcon Legend 900 is a pretty nice one and if you have the same budget to purchase a cycle then my advice is to purchase this one.

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