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Phoenix Hurricane User Review by Md Foyez Ahmed

I have told my father to purchase me a bicycle. But what type of bicycle I should purchase I was totally confused about that. After few days later, some of my local friends purchased mountain bike. I like those bicycle and I told my father to purchase a mountain bike for me. Searching the best bicycle for mine, several daysI visited some mountain bicycle’s showroom. Finally I have chosen Phoenix Hurican. I have purchased this cycle on 2019.Occasionally, I go for a bicycle tour;beside my daily activities. But I have found some problem in my cycle which really disappointed me. Today I’m going to share the good and bad side of this cycle.

Good sides:
-Because ofmountain bike; I can comfortably ride this cycle.
-The look of this cycle is very attractive.

Bad sides:
-The major problem of this cycle in the crank set. The quality of the crank set of this cycle in not good.
-Hub’s quality is not good enough as I am expected.
-The head set of this cycle is weak.
-The rim of this cycle is very weak and it became twitch frequently.

The major reason behind choosing this cycle is the attractive look of this cycle. Though cycle’s look are attractive enough but I’m not fully satisfied through performance. The gear shifting doesn’t work properly. They have provided us mechanical disc brake in it but I have installed hydraulic oil disc brake. In this budget we cannot expect oil brake that’s why I have installed it later.

I have heard that Phoenix Company always use tiers of good quality in their cycle but I can’t agree with it. Because a few months later I changed both tiers. On the fourth month the tire grip was worn out and the wheels were skidding profusely. That’s why I’m totally disappointed with the tiers of this cycle. I hope in future Phoenix will provide better quality parts in their bicycles so that it will become comfortable for the bicycle lovers to ride it. Thank you.

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