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Saracen Mantra Pro user review by Shabu Anower

Its a long love to the bicycle from the early of my childhood as like others. Although currently I have difference in the need and also need of time but to keep my body fit and mind fresh same time, to wonder in my area with slow motion, I feel the need of a bicycle. But I didn't purchase my cycle so easily rather I pay visit different showroom and keep checking the models and brands. “Saracen Mantra Pro” got my attention in the showroom of “Cycle Life”. I didn't think second time whether I should purchase this one or not rather I took this cycle to my home. This was the story of 27th of June in 2016.


I have been using this cycle from the last 2 years or more times and in this period of time I have seen so many advantage in this cycle and below are the common advantage in my view:
- Extra ordinary design which shaken my heart just by a view only
- Comfortable handle to hold on
- Awesome control
- Powerful breaking system
- As because its rim size is 29 by which this cycle is little bit from the others that is why it never touch the speed breakers of the road.

I will suggest you this brand if you don't have any problem of budget. From my experience I can say you that this will charm your heart by its performance as it done to mine and you are never going to be hopeless with its performance I believe.

AS a cycle is very necessary for quick and easy journey same way this thing is important to keep a body fit and fresh. When you are to travel a short distance then you better use a bicycle then the other vehicles like Rikshwa or so and this sis for your own need of good health.

Happy Cycling.

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