Published: 2020-08-23 Views: 63

Veloce 601 User Review by Masfi


I’m Masfi and I’m a student of class 8. I think the first hobby of most of the boy are riding bicycle and I’m also the same. From my childhood I was very much attracted towards bicycle and wanted to have my own. Finally on 2017 my dream has been fulfilled. When my family fixed that they will give me bicycle from that time I start finding a suitable cycle for me in the bicycle shops. Last of all I got my desired bicycle in Tuli Cycle Store. I have chosen Veloce 601 cycle and still I’m using that cycle. Today I’m going to share my experience and good and bad sides of this cycle to you and I hope it will become helpful for you.

Good sides:

- Attractive look.
- Strong frame.
- Very comfortable.
- The stickers of this cycle are also very attractive.

Bad side:

- The rim of this cycle become curved.
- The braking system of this bike is not good enough.
- Suspensions also not good.
- Gear sifting system is not smooth.
- The quality of the crank is very bad.

The major reasons behind choosing this cycle are the look of this cycle is very attractive and it is a very comfortable cycle too.

I’m using this cycle for more than 2 years and till now except some problems I’m satisfied with it. After considering the good sides of this cycle you can also purchase it. Thank you.