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Veloce Outrage 605 user review by Arik

My name is Arik, a student of class 7 of Education Board Model School. Today I am here to introduce my cycle “Veloce Outrage 605” along with some of my interesting story when I am to learn riding a bike. So lets start those interesting stories.

When I was only a year old then I got a cycle as a gift but it is not possible to ride a cycle for a year old child whoever it is. It is good to mention that, my uncle set side wheel on my cycle to save me from falling from the cycle and this was the turning point for me then to ride a cycle easily. Just after few days later, my uncle put a side those side wheels and advice me to ride the cycle freely as others. You can guess easily that this is very much tough for any person to hold on the balance as a new cyclist.
It was one of the most happy moment of my life when I notice that I can hold on the balance without any help of others same time, the feelings of riding a cycle freely like others. Then I purchase a cycle name “Spiderman” just to wondering all of my area. Nest I purchased “Veloce Outrage 605” from the showroom “Shohag Cycle Store” of Rajshahi in the month of November of 2017. its been almost a year since I have been using this one and today you are going to have all the information which I have gained through my experience with this one in this period of time. I love to make stunt with my cycle and there is an interesting story of my stunt that one day I was practicing just beside the pond and one of my friend push me litely by which I lost my balance and fall on the pond.


Reason choosing and Design
Although I ridden this cycle from my friends at first and I chosen, but the reasons were this cycle was and still pretty good to look at, very much lite in weight, break is perfect to keep the balance and this one can pick up exact speed in very short time. Same time, suspension performance is also up to the mark.


My cycles breaking system is just excellent to have the exact control and this matter I come to know when I pick up high speed. Breaking system never make me hopeless whatever the road condition is.

As because the breaking system is perfect and suspensions are fine enough in performance same time, this one is made with lite weight so, it can be understood that this cycle has exact control to stop it wherever you are.

I mainly purchased this one to communicate in my school, private and to wondering in the holidays. By considering all these tour and using, this ones performance is just worth to praise highly.

Good sides
It breaking system is really good, Excellent to look at, suspension is up to mark by its performance, control is just amazing and by considering its overall performance this one is really a good one.

Bad sides
This cycle has some negative sides as like, there is a problem in the gear shifting, often switch very fast, often stuck. Even I noticed that whole gear system doesn't work at all. Same time, handlebar often move by its own wish.

I changed the seating positions height to match with mine. I have changed the tyre 2 months ago from now.

If you are interested to this cycle then I will advice you to take this one by considering all its positive sides. This one really a good one.

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