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Safety when you ride bicycle in the Rain


Cycling becomes a hobby of all years of people now a day, it’s not only stays as a transport media, it is also a media of sort or long transport of some heavy energetic people. There is always a question left that, what kind of safety you when you riding in the critical weather? Even not in Bangladesh, all over the world, cycling is a very famous journey media. You have to always be prepared for any kind of weather crisis. Specially when you riding your bike in the rain. You will face many difficulties when cycling in the rain. We have some tips for you in riding in the rain. This will help you must during rain time journey. Keep this as guidance, you will safe in your journey.

Wear a jacket
Wearing a jacket, not a normal or ordinary jacket, this jacket will be water proof and makes you comfortable in your every move. Careful about your breath, that’s means you have look up your jacket that it may causing some problem of your breath. Main reason of wearing jacket is, put you dry. A breath taking or breathing material is essential when you riding in the rain. Cycle has a limitation of its speed, so you do not have to take any materials for breathing. You just have to put a thin jacket that makes you feel normal in your ride.

Use mudguard
Mudguard is not so much attentive but it works like guard. This thing is very much affective in the rainy weather. Mudguard put away all the filthy and wet dirt’s from the tires and makes your journey easier. The mudguard is nothing but a protection for your bikes tire from all kind wets pollution. This is one of the essential materials in rainy reason.

Shoes and gloves
Rain means everything is wet and you are also. You have to think about how you can save yourself from get wet. When you get wet you will feel certainly uncomfortable and uneasy. So you have to use water resistant shoes and gloves. These material will help you to keep dry your feet and hands that’s make’s you feel more time better than wet. Then you can ride your bike comfortably. You can handle normally your gears and breaks if your hand stays dry and out of cold. Remember, the only of wearing shoes and gloves is to keep your hand and feet dry.

Degrease the bike
There is another essential, this very much essential. After a raining ride you will take a shower and make yourself dry, same way you have spend sometime to make dry your bike. Water is very much hampering able for the metal. That means you have made it as it previously was. You just have to brush the chain until it becomes dry or normal. Then lube it with some few drops. Believe me this will makes your bikes moving parts so much stronger. Same way you have to take care of other rolling part of your bicycle. Hence you can expect longevity of your bike.

Wear Cycling cap
Wearing a helmet is good in hot weather but not good in rainy weather. You should use a normal cap that prevents rain spray in your eyes. If it happens then nothing is more dangerous than closing your while you are riding your bike on road. So be careful about it.

Avoid to stand on water
Water is anti road grip, so you should not stay or stand on it. Rather you should avoid the watery road as much as possible. Why because your tyre does not grip that road. You can easily imagine that what may happen in that situation. So be careful.

Control your speed
You should keep focus on road and make sure your speed is in your control. When roads get wet, this will grip less than in normal weather. This is another important thing for safety.

Take care when cornering
Just keep focus when you riding. Rainy weather is so much enjoyable but it can make you suffer too, because of its low visibility. When cornering your bike this is also very much dangerous. You better keep extra focus on this.

Keep the right tools with you
You should keep always some essential kits with you. You don’t know where you gonna need this. Specially, in the extreme weather you must take these tools with you.

There are many more thing you should take care when you riding your bicycle in the extreme weather. You have to remember that rain is so much enjoyable on the other hand it is a difficult and may be curse for your ride if you are not focusing on your way.

We hope that, you will enjoy the ride so much with your maximum quantity of protection.

Happy cycling.