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Things To Be Consider Before Purchasing a Bicycle.


We can visit one place to another place quickly with bicycle. Not only that we can get rid of diseases like asthma, adipose excreta only by riding bicycle. Before riding bicycle first we need to buy it and,

Things to consider before purchasing a bicycle is giving below:

- Reason: First of all we need to fix that in what reason we will going to use the cycle. If we want a cycle for general use then we should avoid racing or stunt cycles. On the other hand if we want a cycle for stunt then we must avoid racing cycles because the work of one will not be done by another.
- Budget: Before purchasing anything we need to fix oud budget. What kind of cycle we will going to buy is depend on our budget.
- Frame of the cycle: There are three types of frame:
1. Iron frame: This type of frames are made of iron and are heavy. The price of the bike bikes with this frame are reasonable.
2. Alloy frame: Cycles with this fame are comparatively light and expensive than iron frame.
3. Carbon frame: These frames are mainly used in racing cycles and rarely found in Bangladesh. The price of this frame bikes are also very high.
- Brake: You must notice the brake V or disc of the bike that you like. The price and performance of disc brake is better than V brake.
- Sit: Sit is one of the major parts of a cycle. Before purchasing a cycle you must be sited on it to understand whether it is comfortable for you or not.
- Tyre: you must notice the tyre of the cycle. If you think it may skid while brake then you should avoid that bike.
- Chain: If you notice the chain skids during paddling the cycle then you must have to avoid it.
- Dual suspension: it would be better to avoid the cycles with dual suspension.

Before purchasing a cycle we must focus on this subjects and after doing this we can hope that we may get a good cycle in our range. Thank you.

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