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  • How to stay fit as a professional cyclist
    Fitness is a valuable term for the cyclist who thinking to be professional. You are not going to believe the information that, most of the cyclist often fall in serious injury that cause a long time brake in their practice. That’s also cause a cyclist to missed important events. So, it is very much important to stay fit, when you are imaging yourself a professional cyclist. What may be the cause behind the injury or sickness of the cyclist? Let’s take a look on the reasons that will help y ... [more]
  • Kellys Cobe Turquoise Bicycle Price and Review
    As you can see through the headline, this bicycle is one of the most demanded among cyclist/professional cyclist all over the world. Kellys Cobe Turquoise Bicycle has a get up, outlook and performance by which we can call it an all-rounder. There is hardly anyone we found who makes any complain about this bicycle rather most of the user using it with comfortable feelings and praising it so high. Kellys is a Germen brand, all the product from the Germany made with the quality, so you can stay t ... [more]
  • Safeway SW161 Bicycle Price, Review and Specification
    There is common sentiment among the cyclist or the new rider always looking for the latest and quality bicycle in the market. Safeway is overall new brand in the Bangladeshi market at the same time, it got a huge response from the customers. You cannot make your decision when you are making a plan of purchasing a bicycle until you don’t have the minimum idea about the product and this happens in all the marketing purpose and in the entire product you are going top use. That’s why review ca ... [more]
  • Safeway SW117 Bicycle Price and Review
    In the present market Safeway bicycle brand is one of the well known to among the professional and amateur cyclist. You don’t have to ask in the showrooms that which brand is new and among the new brand which one is selling most or eaten by the cyclist? Although, there are so many popular brands in the market which are not only popular as well as those brands are famous and very well known. When you are looking for the review, we are going to display right here but before we display/ment ... [more]
  • Phoenix 1100 Bicycle Price and Review
    Before we start to talk about the exact point of Phoenix 1100, let should make discuss about the brand Phoenix. If you ask a general person about the bicycle brand that he know, I can make you assure that the reply you get about the brand of Phoenix. Most of the people have known bicycle with the name of Phoenix as motor bikes known as Honda. This brand is one of the old and famous bicycle brand that any other bicycle hardly well known like this. This Phoenix bicycle has so many models in the ... [more]
  • Duranta Gladiator Bicycle Price and Review
    Duranta is one the popular name especially in the Asian country that no one need to heard this brand name more then one time to remember it. Same time, this bicycle performance we can say that it will make you happy, when you going use it for your regular use. So far we have the information about this bicycle, it is better to use in the starting of the training. Our reader can ask a question that why we are speaking about this bicycle in this way? Before we answer that question, we better ... [more]
  • Safeway SW330 Bicycle Price and Reviews
    When you looking at the name of this bicycle, its may look like a new name to you. As to say about this bicycle, this is almost new in the market with nice and attractive look. It is good say that, you cannot make your or your children’s childhood without the bicycle. At the same time, when you are looking for the bicycle for your children then it is your responsibility to search it on the market or in the online. You are lucky enough if you come here by searching this and you are most wel ... [more]
  • How to keep focus during the ride
    At first the imaginations you will get from this topic that hard work with the bicycle on the road and loose the focus. It may unknown to you that there are some different causes for loosing your concentration on the road. If you can overcome all this then your safety is almost guaranteed. Now the question is what kind of illusion or tiredness you may face in the road? You know, when you are pushing your paddles, it becomes hard to measure the limit tiredness and this way loosing your focus is v ... [more]
  • How to stay safe in the busy highway
    Very often time most of the cyclist ignore this matter with the cause of their skilled cycling ability. You believe it or not, this sentiment is responsible for maximum of the accident on the cyclist. You cannot avoid going on the road/highway while you are on the bicycle, but the main fact is, safety is the first thing you have to care about on the highway. Just keep in mind that, one accident can make you cry in your whole life. Even you can meet your doom of your life. So, we have some ge ... [more]
  • Why timing is necessary during the long ride
    No one can deny the enchantment and amusingness of the long ride by the bicycle. But the matter is, when should you go for a long ride with the bicycle? At the same time, you may ask a question about the timing, why timing is necessary for this matter? There is some matter behind this topic. You know you cannot even think about a long journey by bicycle when the time is hot summer unless it becomes night. Same way there is no time for the ride when you are passing your time on the winter. Hen ... [more]
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