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Why you should prefer Bicycle at first as a personal vehicle

This question is now at a sense million dollar question, some people ignore to ride bicycle with a common sentiment that it is not for all categories people or Bicycle is for the lower class of people. You are going to believe me or not this proud sentiment is enough to cost you so much and the most horrible matter is, you may meet your doom for this kind of idea on the bicycle.
Now the matter is why we are talking in this way about the bicycle? You know, maximum childhood passed with the bicycle and most of the adult people all over the bearing a sweet memory with the bicycle. But when they become older, they give up riding bicycle and mostly depended on the motor vehicle by costing heavy money.

We just want to make some recommendation on this matter. We hope this will make your life different and save your money in so many ways. The points we are going to mention all are known to our visitor but the fact is, you never think in this way.

1. Save your money:
Of course bicycle is going save your money in a huge amount. When you are choosing motor vehicle, you have to invest a lot of money at a time on the spot of the shop. On the other hand, registration fee and later the fuel cost you cannot avoid. So, the matter of view here is, if you don’t have far away daily then you should use bicycle as the first personal vehicle.

2. For a fit and healthy body:
When you are in the age of retirement, then you can measure the importance of a fit body. But when you were young, you had passed your days in the four wheelers and gather huge cholesterol in your veins.
If you can use bicycle as your regular ride that may be for your office or somewhere else. Then you should face the problem of the cholesterol. Meanwhile, you have to spend your money due to cholesterol to reduce it on the gymnasium. Hence, the bicycle can save you from this kind of unexpected cost and hard work.

3. Environment friendly only vehicle:
You may ask me that why you should think about the environment when you can afford a nice and attractive four wheeler? The fact is not about the ability of purchasing a high quality vehicle rather about the environment in which your future generations are going to live in. you know the bicycle, it is smoke free and no fuel is needed to run it.
As the gist we got from the above mentioned points, bicycle is not only an environment friendly as well as it can save your money a lot.

The whole matter is depending on the concern of the public. We cannot make you concern about you or about the environment unless you don’t be.
Stay safe keep safe.
Happy cycling.

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